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The frightening noise of a loud garage door is quickly checked and properly addressed when you hire the right company. For garage door repair in Tucker of Georgia, you won't find a quicker and more dedicated company than ours. Not only do we go the extra mile to serve your repair needs in a timely fashion but in the best manner too. Both are important. And this is how we run our business. When you turn to R & R Garage Door Repair Tucker, you can expect quick response, quality services, reasonable rates, and all the help in the world.


The company is committed to deliver the best services even to urgent undertakings. A great service requires great tools, great manpower, great knowledge, and great experience, and Garage Door Repair Tuckerville has it all. We take full responsibility for any property damages while doing installation and repair. Rest assured that our technicians are aware of the consequences while they are doing the job.

We’ve seen it all and done it all and are proud to say so! New doors, which can be insulated or fire-resistant at your discretion, can be installed in record time with our professionals on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re pleased to say that we have the nation’s most extensive selection of doors at affordable prices so that you can choose a garage door for your business or home that meets all of your needs. After doing business here for the last several years, we understand the unique problems and situations that can occur for our customers here in Georgia and have a solution for each of them.

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